About Clodhoppers

Clodhoppersmdc.co.uk was formed in August 2012 when a number of detectorists in the West Midlands got together to form a friendly, informal place to get meet, share their finds and thoughts and most importantly…do some digging !! Since the early days, we have gone from strength to strength with a tight-knit community of like minded fellow detectorists and a steadily growing number of members within our online forum. We aim to hold as many member digs as possible and when the chance arises, hold open and charity rallies for all our forum members and members of other clubs from around the local area. By being the small community that we intended out to be, we have a glowing reputation that reflects on our members and we are proud to uphold this with every rally that we put on for our community. With an average rally attendance of around 50/60 detectorists, there is a lot of close communication and everyone is keen to pass on their knowledge of metal detecting with hints and tips to identifying finds within the field. We hold a regular meeting on the first Wednesday of each month with bi-monthly attendance from the local Finds Liason Officer so that any finds can be identified and registered while meeting fellow detectorists in a friendly community atmosphere (and a couple of beers).


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We are based around Bromsgrove in the West Midlands and most of our members live within a 50 mile radius. If you have a lost item within this area that you would like assistance with finding, contact us with some general information and a contact phone number and we shall try to find a member who is local to you. We do not charge for this service but a contribution towards travel costs would be appreciated for a successful search.

Our service was used recently by someone working away from home at Weston Park, Staffordshire, who had lost her wedding ring within an area of the stately home fields, the background of this page is where the ring was lost!. Two of our local members arrived, had a quick discussion on what areas we was likely to find it and within a couple of minutes the ring was reunited with it's relieved owner !!! Even though it was sat on the surface of the soil, the grass around it had been flattened by heavy rain and it was no longer visible to the naked eye. It would have taken years to look for it manually under all the grass but we found it in minutes !!

If you would like us to help find your lost item, you can can send us a message via our social media sites, directly on our forum or use our social page HERE